The posthumous Lil Peep and XXXTentacion collaboration "Falling Down" has arrived. Listen to Peep and X's "Falling Down" here and read XXL's exclusive interview with ILoveMakonnen about how the song came together.


A posthumous Lil Peep and XXXTentacion song titled "Falling Down" will drop tomorrow, according to X's mother Cleopatra Bernard, who announced the release on Instagram today (Sept. 18).

"From Peep's mom and I 💔," Bernard wrote. The song, originally previewed in August by ILoveMakonnen, who co-wrote the track, appears to feature XXXTentacion's vocals recorded after Peep's death last November.

In audio originally posted by Makonnen on Instagram and re-shared today on X's Twitter account, the late rapper, born Jahseh Onfroy, can be heard discussing his regret about never meeting Peep before he died of a fentanyl overdose.

"His name will live, brother," XXXTentacion says in the clip, which describes the studio session as one of Onfroy's last before his fatal shooting in June. "I feel hella shitty because it's like, yo, like, if I would've known he was so cool, I would've fucked with him sooner," he continued.

Peep's mother Liza Womack posted a lengthy message today on her own Instagram account that reflects on the collaborative and referential nature of writing and art, including that by her son, born Gustav Åhr. It's a thoughtful confrontation with the reality that unreleased Peep music will be completed and released without his consent.

"Creation happens in a context. We don't produce, or invent things in a vacuum. While we may work alone, our work is social because we pay attention to the work of other people. Other people have sought to emulate and learn from Gus, just like he payed attention to, and was influenced by the work of others," Womack wrote.

"I look forward to releasing Gus's original work, and to hearing how other musical artists take inspiration from songs, here and there, and re-work them to create new pieces of music. It will be interesting to listen to the different versions. We will each have our own favorites. And that is okay," she concluded.

Listen to the "Falling Down" snippet and read Peep's mother's full note about posthumously releasing her son's music below.

kathrynhollowoak via Instagram
kathrynhollowoak via Instagram
kathrynhollowoak via Instagram

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