Lil Baby had to play security at a recent show, as video has surfaced of him turning away fans who tried to sneak backstage.

On Wednesday (July 27), TMZ obtained footage of Lil Baby following his set at Rolling Loud Miami on Sunday (July 24). In the video, people from Baby's team are funneling into a backstage area, while security and the rapper try to sort out who is who. One person approaches with his phone out taking video, Lil Baby pushes the person backward as they try to pass.

"See, he not with us," Lil Baby tells the security. "I'ma tell you who with us."

Another person approaches and the Atlanta rapper asks who he's with. The man appears to reply, "Rolling Loud."

"Hell nah," Lil Baby responds, rejecting the guy's entry. "That's it," the rapper adds before walking off. The security then advises everyone else surrounding the scene to leave.

2022 Rolling Loud Miami featured some big moments, but none more headline grabbing than Kid Cudi walking off the stage after being hit with objects thrown from the crowd. Cudder replaced Kanye West as the headliner for the opening night of the three-day concert event, but during his set people threw items onto the stage, causing Cudi to offer an ultimatum.

"I will fucking leave," he told the crowd. "If I get hit with one more fucking thing—if I see one more fucking thing on this fucking stage, I’m leaving. Don’t fuck with me.”

When someone else threw something after Cudi's short speech, he exited stage left. Rolling Loud has since released a statement on the incident.

See Video of Lil Baby Turning Away Fans Trying to Sneak Backstage Below

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