Riding the momentum of his Lil Yachty-assisted hit single, "iSpy," 2017 XXL Freshman Kyle pulls up with three new vibrant bangers. "All Mine," "Off of It" and "Sunshine" include features from fellow 2017 Freshman Madeintyo, Ty Dolla $ign and Miguel.

Like the artwork for each of these new tracks, Kyle's new releases are all pretty colorful. The Madeintyo-assisted "All Mine" features some bouncy synths and melodic flows from Kyle. Madeintyo does more straight up rapping, but his verse still meshes with the upbeat vibe of the song, which is all about Kyle staking his claim on one particular woman.

"That shit is mine/I don't wanna see that ass online/Stop making it so easy to find/Tell them other dudes to get in line/It's all mine, all mine," Kyle half-sings on the track.

Continuing the feel-good vibes, "Off It," a track Ty Dolla $ign lends his services to, takes things to the dance floor with its stuttering synths and upbeat, but light percussion. Kyle and Ty Dolla handle the hook for the groovy track: "If you like to move, if you like to move/If you like to move/If you like to dance/Get up off, get up off your ass," the two instruct on the song.

The vibe gets a bit more romantic on "Sunshine," Kyle's collab with Miguel. It pretty much sounds like a summer day in California, which is probably the point. "Baby, you summertime fine/Come on down to Cali', see what summertime's like/You need to be relieved/You live in 50 degrees," Kyle spits on the track, inviting a lady to come to his spot in Cali.

"All Mine," "Off It," and "Sunshine" are all available for purchase now. Listen to all three tracks below.

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