There seems to be two aspects to Kanye West's public personality. On one side, he's boisterous, cocky and obnoxious. Then there's the Kanye that just stands there. And says nothing. Whether it was planned that way or not, Saturday Night Live got the latter when they recorded a new promo for tonight's episode that will feature West as the musical guest and actress Melissa McCarthy as the host.

In the short clip, McCarthy announces her and 'Ye's appearance on the show. While her and Saturday Night Live actor Taram Killam argue over the vigor of his promoting skills, West just looks on silently. Not peep is heard, not a facial expression is made. He does give a head nod at the end to let us know that he is not actually a wax figure being manipulated by unseen arms.

Maybe this is the calm before the storm. West has been working feverishly to complete his new album The Life of Pablo which was expected to drop yesterday. West had a huge roll out for the album at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Thursday (Feb. 11) where he debuted the songs and his Yeezy Season 3 line to the masses. A few last minute changes pushed back the release, with West releasing the new track "30 Hours" instead.

The final hold up appears to be a another guest verse from fellow Windy City MC Chance The Rapper who will appear on the track "Waves."

Will the album drop before Yeezy goes live? Stay tuned.

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