Kanye West has been getting a lot of stuff off his chest this morning. Now, he's claiming his ex-wife Kim Kardashian's new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, is taunting him by bragging about being in bed with Kim via text messages.

For most of Sunday morning (March 13), Kanye has been very active on Instagram. In one of his latest videos, Ye prays for over three minutes while making sure to make claims about the Saturday Night Live comedian. After revealing he'd recently gotten advice from Tory Lanez, Ye started his prayer by asking God to allow his children to be able to make it to Sunday Service. Kanye then goes on a tangent where he claims Pete is pushing his buttons behind the scenes.

"The boyfriend texting me, antagonizing me, bragging about being in bed with my wife," Kanye says, eyes closed, still in prayer mode. "Publicly for a year-and-a-half I been dragged. How she not my wife, she don't have my last name. Now, he texting me talking about... bragging about how he's in bed with my wife. And I'm like, Well, who's watching my children? If he's texting me bragging about being in bed with my wife."

"The devil ain't gon' win," Kanye later adds. "This is gas-lighting. Kim gets Black people out of prison. You know who puts Black people in prison? The person that the boyfriend has a tattoo of: Hilary [Clinton]. Do you understand the set up right here? Do you understand the narrative, right here?"

Earlier today, Ye threatened comedian D.L. Hughley for commenting on the rapper's messy divorce. He also had words for Charlamagne Tha God and Perez Hilton, and challenged Kim's co-parenting skills.

See Kanye's entire prayer below.

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