Justin Bieber sank to a new low, at least when it comes to his pants. While performing in Singapore, Bieber's already hanging-too-low pants dropped even more. Oops!

The Biebs was shirtless, which already had Beliebers worked up into a tizzy. As he sang and grooved, his leather pants, which have a low crotch, sagged even further. Jumping up and down during the song only exacerbated the problem.

But don't start breaking out into a sweat, Beliebers. He only dropped trou, albeit accidentally. His tighty whitey undies remained up and covering his bum. So there was no mooning of the Belieber faithful, although we doubt anyone other than their parents would complain about that.

We're impressed that The Biebs didn't get knocked off his game despite dealing with pants that didn't want to stay up.

He merely held them up with his hand and then ran off the stage, presumably for a fix. He's able to deal with high pressure situations like a pro. He's also got enough money to BUY A BELT! Come on, Biebs. Splurge on a bling, swaggy gold belt to avoid a repeat, kiddo!