Joe Budden is criticizing Saweetie for releasing a new song cryptically addressing rumors about herself instead of directly addressing talk that she slept with Offset.

On a new episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which published on Sunday (Nov. 20), Joe goes off on Saweetie for dropping the new song "Don't Say Nothin'," which he refers to as a freestyle, and refusing to mention whether or not the rumor surrounding herself and Offset is true.

"Saweetie gotta shut the fuck up," Joe Budden said. "Come on, let's just get to it. I don't got time to play today. Saweetie gotta shut the fuck up. That's my take."

"I'm not listening to Saweetie until she answer the question everybody waitin' for her to answer," he continued. "Did you fuck Offset or not? That's it."

His cohosts mentioned the move to release the new track was bad timing considering the death of Takeoff, to which Budden agreed. "Well, which is why it is bad timing for whatever she was saying in that freestyle," he added. "It ain't the time for that freestyle. Because what I heard, I honestly didn't really hear nothin' directed to Quavo. I just keep hearing Lil Baby. I keep hearing Lil Baby. And I think people keep confusin' it with Quavo, like they did last time.

"But either way, it ain't the time for confusion. It ain't the time for none of that after they just lost they brother and nephew. They ain't time for that. Sorry, Saweetie. Push it back. You been quiet. You been quiet. No need to shake the table. I hate hip-hop. And did you fuck dude or not?"

Saweetie got wind of what Joe Budden said and responded on Twitter Tuesday.

"saweetie needs to STFU????? ok joelisha 😍," she tweeted.

On "Don't Say Nothin'," which dropped last Friday (Nov. 18), Saweetie doesn't mention any names like Lil Baby or Offset, both of which she's been connected to this year, but she does ask why men are "always speakin' on who I'm fuckin' on?"

"Why niggas always speakin' on who I'm fuckin' on?/He must've got excited when I FaceTimed with nothin' on," Saweetie raps. "Them same lips that's yappin' be the ones I nutted on/A hunnid K, please, know how much paper I be touchin' on?/That's light, better check my net worth/Post a pic' in his sweatshirt, I bet it have my ex hurt/That's what I get for kissin' on these frogs/He got mad and told my business to the blogs."

Following her breakup with Quavo last year, Saweetie and Lil Baby were rumored to be hooking up. Then in October, fans thought Quavo was referring to Saweetie sleeping with Offset when Quavo said, "Bitch fucked my dawg behind my back, but I ain't stressin' (Not at all)/You wanted the gang, you shoulda just said it, we would have blessed it (You shoulda just said it)/Now shit got messy (Uh)," on the song "Messy."

Neither Offset, Saweetie nor Lil Baby have confirmed or denied any rumors linking them.

Watch Joe Budden's podcast clip and listen to Saweetie's new song below.

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