Two Bronx divas are teaming up on a new song. Pop and Latinx superstar Jennifer Lopez has tapped rap sensation Cardi B for a new collaborative track that’s dropping in 2018. And the mastermind behind it is none other than DJ Khaled.

On Saturday (Dec. 23), Khaled went on his Instagram page to inform his followers of a major “Icon Moment Alert.” The Miami producer posted an exciting video of J.Lo entering the studio and getting ready to record her next big hit.

"WHEN J LO PULLS UP TO WE THE BEST STUDIO! Icon moment alert! Icon announcement alert. Icon visual alert. Icon everything ALERT!!!" he wrote in the caption. "[J.Lo] got New music coming. Be Paitient!!! Patience is a gift and a talent."

DJ Khaled didn't reveal who produced the song or if even mentioned that Cardi was on it. However, Lopez's boyfriend Alex Rodriguez shared a video from the studio where Khaled and J.Lo discussed Cardi's involvement on the song. In addition, the pair talked about shooting a visual for the track, which may dropped around the first week of the new year.

"The video idea is gonna make the record even more crazier,” said Khaled, while Lopez responded: “It’s cinematic. It has those themes. I was just trying to connect it to the song where it’s just not the typical reggaeton, bachata, hip-hop video that everybody does all the time.”

So yeah, this new J.Lo and Cardi song is coming very soon.

Not only did Cardi B had a fantastic 2017, it looks like more bigger and better opportunities are headed her way in 2018.

You can't stop Cardi B!

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