An El Paso Day Care is Under Serious Scrutiny

One Texas mother is understandably hotter than hell after she learned her 7-year-old son was left asleep and unattended on his daycare van in the middle of the Texas heat.

Forgotten Baby Syndrome is a very real thing.

There is a phenomenon called ' Forgotten Baby Syndrome' and as sad as it is to say, adults can get very absent-minded in their routines so much so that any change in routine could lead to the death of a child after being left in a vehicle, even for a short period of time. Especially in summertime.

You'll likely hear PSA's on the radio station, especially in the summer months, reminding parents to look in the backseat before they leave their car for work.

This is applicable to all who care for children, even daycare centers.

In fact, about 38 children die every year from child vehicular heatstroke.

Thankfully 7-year-old Jason Escajeda is alive and well, but man is his momma mad!

According to Jason woke up on the bus all by himself after falling asleep on the bus ride from his elementary school to the Wonder World Daycare daycare in his hometown of El Paso Texas. He was sweating and anxious as he managed to open the driver's door of the van, wandering into the daycare center on his own accord.  offers that Forgotten Baby Syndrome as a phenomenon in the United States showed that out of a total of 171 cases of children left in vehicles, 73% had been left in the car by an adult. Half of the adults were unaware or had forgotten the child.

Check out the news coverage from ABC 7 on Youtube.

There is a single tip I've heard of from a working mother who always slips off one of her shoes and leaves it in the backseat with her infant. That way, she knows when she gets out of her vehicle that she is shoeless and is reminded about the baby.

For Wonder World, just a roster, which should be mandatory for the daycare, should have alerted the staff to Jason's absence.

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