Though it seems like every rapper is on social media divulging their most intimate details these days, there lies a select few who aren’t keen on sharing how they made their way onto the ever-changing hip-hop landscape. The same could've be said for Icy Narco, who, up until his interview with XXL for The Break, maintained an elusive persona. Behind his cerulean blue locks and angst-ridden music, however, is a young man who’s simply waiting for his time to shine and trusting the process.

In Icy Narco’s segment of XXL’s Who Am I?, the rapper shares how he started trapping “Narco style” to make ends meet but was eventually offered his first on-the-books job at Cold Stone Creamery. “That shit was really stressing my mom out, worrying her a lot, so I thought, hey, I’ma finally get a job, see her stop crying. Do something different,” he tells XXL.

He later flew out to Los Angeles in an effort to score a record deal with 10k Projects (home to Trippie Redd and 6ix9ine), a challenging task that nearly pushed him to the brink. “I felt like stopping and quitting; even taking my life a lot of times,” the “OtherSide” rapper-singer admits. “But I pushed through all the hard times.”

Icy Narco’s image may mirror other rhymers who’ve emerged from the Sunshine State in recent years, but he’s adamant that his forthcoming music—including his upcoming debut album, Frozen Fable, via 10k Projects—will remove him from the “SoundCloud rapper box” he’s been unfairly placed in. One thing that makes him stand out from the Florida rap pack is his stance on prescription and illegal substances.

“I’m 100 percent drug-free,” he proudly states. ”Sometimes it’s a good remedy to numb the pain, but it’s not gonna make your problems go anywhere.”

Narco later adds that his drug of choice “is going to the studio and making music. That shit makes me feel better.”

Watch Icy Narco’s Who Am I? above to find out more about the rising rapper, including the story behind his frozen-themed ink.

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