A husband with an A+ sense of humor playfully roasted his wife in a series of relatable viral TikTok videos about how we unnecessarily stress-clean our homes when preparing for guests.

Husband and wife TikTok duo @thedashleys shared some examples of the ultra-clean routines we toil over before visitors arrive. The relatable and hilarious scenarios come in a two-part video series which have collectively garnered over 32.4 million views to date.

Even though our guests rarely care or even notice how spotless our homes are, we've all been there — deep-cleaning every room, scrubbing every square inch of the baseboards, feverishly vacuuming staircases and sometimes even dusting the house plants all in an attempt to make our space feel comfortable for visitors.

In the videos, the husband mocks his wife's type-A-style cleaning habits as he spot-checks organized cabinets, lint brushes the staircase and looks for dust under the couch while wearing white gloves, taunting her with murmured retorts such as "I knew it!"

Watch below:

Want to make your room appear cleaner than it actually is? If you've got guests coming over soon, here are some tips:

Kitchen: Clear the surfaces of all counters and make sure dirty dishes are put in the dishwasher, not left in the sink. If you're in a rush, you can place cluttered items under the sink. Nobody is going to look there!

Living Room: Clear flat surfaces. Hide miscellaneous items in a box or bag under your couch or inside of a closet.

Bathroom: Generally, people enter this room solo, and the lighting is typically good, making this room the most challenging room to "fake clean." Spend more time here than the other parts of your house when preparing for guests.

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