In a heartbreaking event following what could have been a Taylor Swift fan's best night ever, Jacob Lewis was hit by a suspected drunk driver leaving the Era's Tour show in Houston, Texas on Friday night.

How did Jacob Lewis die?

After leaving NRG stadium with his sister their vehicle began having mechanical issues that lead to the car being disabled on the roadway. Lewis was outside of the automobile and attempting to push it when another vehicle driven by a suspected drunk driver hit him. He then passed away from his injuries leaving the family devastated.

What did Swifties do after learning of the tragedy?

According to this article with,

"Swifties stick together,"

was messaged by Kaitlyn Guidry after donating $13 to a GoFundMe set up to help cover the funeral costs.

So far, over $100,000 has been raised mostly by Taylor Swift fans making donations of $13 at a time. Taylor Swift was born December 13, 1989, and 13 is widely known to the public to be her favorite number.

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What about the person driving the vehicle that hit the Taylor Swift fan?

According to the Houston Police Department, the driver of the vehicle that hit Lewis was arrested, has been charged with at least one felony, and most likely will be facing additional charges. According to witnesses, the driver attempted to flee the area after hitting Lewis.

We hope for peace for the family, and pray that all who knew and loved Jacob will find comfort in this difficult time.

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