Why do we look at homes that are completely out of our price range? We're day dreaming. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Daydreaming is exactly what you're doing when looking at this home in Houston, Texas. It is gorgeous with a Spanish flair, six bedrooms and two pools connected by an underwater tunnel. Wait! What? Its a short tunnel but a tunnel nonetheless. Let's check out this fantasy inducing Texas home.

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Looking at a Video Game

One of my first thoughts as I was looking at this home is that I thought I was looking into a castle I was about to explore in a Japanese role playing game (JRPG) on PlayStation. The exterior landscaping, the entrance to the home, the living areas and bedrooms, all very much reminded me of exploring in a Final Fantasy type game.

Details of the Houston Home

This home is not Japanese inspired but rather has some serious Spanish influences. The bricks, tile and masonry of the home are actually partially from Guanajuato and Morelia, Mexico. The home has a total of six bedrooms and six bath rooms with a three car carport. One of the coolest features is the two pools in the backyard. What's special about these pools is that they are connected by an underwater tunnel. Its not a long tunnel, but its still a tunnel you can swim through.


Personally, as I look at this home and daydream a bit, I can certainly see dropping the $7.9 million on it if I were to win a huge lottery jackpot. I'd use some more of that jackpot to add three nice cars to the carport area. I'd maybe turn one of the bedrooms into a game room. Its a daydream for sure but a fun daydream. Daydream yourself with our virtual tour of the home below:

Gorgeous Houston Home with 2 Pools Connected by an Underwater Tunnel

I'd could certainly see myself buying this home if I won a use lottery jackpot.

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