Today, Aug. 17, is the birthday of Miami's own Lil Pump, a 2018 XXL Freshman who now turns 18.

Known for his energetic and highly repetitive choruses, Pump established himself as a hit-maker from the very beginning of his career. He hasn't been on the scene for too long, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming a major factor in the rap game. Over the last seven months, Pump has earned himself five RIAA-certified plaques, including a triple-platinum certification for "Gucci Gang," his biggest single to date.
Pump's entry into hip-hop was spurred by none other than his fellow Floridian and 2018 XXL Freshman, Smokepurpp, who actually produced Pump's eponymous first song.

"When I made '['Lil Pump'] Purpp threw a beat on and was like, 'Yo, I got this beat.' I said, 'Play that shit' and then he played it and I was like, 'Lil Pump, ouu, Lil Pump yeah' and he told me to go record it," Pump explained while speaking to XXL for The Break last year.

He continued, "I just did that shit. It was a whole freestyle. After I released it, it had like 10,000 views. I couldn’t believe it. That shit is nothing now. Then it started to go up and now it’s at 6 million. Just seeing everybody fucking with me, I was like, Shit, why not? I feel like I learned a lot. A lot has changed from last year because November I had like 60,000 followers on Instagram and it started going up. I’m on like 400,000 now. This is happening quickly. I fuck with all my fans and fuck everybody who’s hating [laughs]."

Since that time, Pump has dropped a self-titled debut mixtapesigned an $8 million record deal with Warner Bros. Records, been named a 2018 XXL Freshman and continued building his buzz. Pump's latest project, Harverd Dropout, is supposed to drop today.

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