It appears Gunna's security recently had to put paws on a person inside a jewelry store and part of the incident was captured on camera and has gone viral.

On Wednesday (Dec. 29), a video clip surfaced that seems to show an altercation involving Gunna inside what appears to be a jewelry store. In the short clip, a man is lifted off his feet and slammed to the ground by a man who appears to be security for the YSL rapper. The person gets slammed so hard, one of their shoes goes flying off and out of sight.

After the slam, the two men who appear to be Gunna's guards continued to try and subdue the man while Gunna, who appears in the video wearing a baggy purple dress shirt and dress pants, seems to be barking at the man right next to the melee.

As viral as the slam has gone, Gunna's outfit also seems to have turned into a talking point surrounding the shocking video.

"Gunna got the Arkham City DLC suit on," one person commented on Twitter.

"Bro dressed like the riddler," another person tweeted.

"Gunna dressed like 1/4 of a barbershop quartet," another person joked.

It is unclear what sparked the incident or how it ended. XXL has reached out to Gunna's team for comment.

See more reactions to Gunna's outfit and video of his security slamming a guy to the ground below.

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