Freddie Gibbs is firing a shot at Benny The Butcher after the Griselda rapper said he and Gibbs' musical relationship came and went.

Benny recently sat down for an interview with Spotify's Most Necessary Live where he reportedly commented on his relationship with Gibbs saying, "[Working with Freddie Gibbs] came and went to be honest with you. It's all love."

On Thursday (March 24), Gibbs caught wind of the quote and appeared to take offense to the comment. He initially responded to the sound byte by tweeting, "Came and went lol." He followed up on Instagram with a more pointed response.

"Nigga said working with Freddie Gibbs came and went," Gibbs said in the video. "I know some other shit that came and went too, nigga. Just keep my name out y'all mouth when y'all talking to people or doing interviews and shit. Just say, 'Next question. I don't want to talk about that nigga, man.' Just say, 'Next muthafuckin' question.' For real."

Freddie and Benny previously had a good working relationship, with the two rappers collabing on the track "Frank Lucas" off Freddie Gibbs' 2020 Alfredo album and "One Way Flight" on Benny's 2020 Burden of Proof project. Gibbs also frequently collaborated on projects from Griselda members Conway The Machine and Westside Gunn. However, tension seemed to arise back in June 2020 when Westside appeared to take exception to Gibbs' manager questioning when was the last time a rapper dropped back-to-back albums as good as Gibbs' Alfredo and Bandana.

"In the last year I dropped FLYGOD IS AN AWESOME GOD, HITLER WEARS HERMÈS 7, WWCD, & PRAY FOR PARIS but niggas wonder why I be on shit," Westside tweeted. "MFS be scared to act like GRISELDA don’t exist, Conway just dropped 2 in a month, and I love Freddie he’s on my shit and he’s Fam but STOOOP IT."

Gibbs later addressed the tweet during an interview with Bootleg Kev. After calling Benny and Conway dear friends of his, Gibbs said, "I fuck with [Westside Gunn] but don't do that. You know what's up, fam. Get back to your regularly scheduled programming, because it's Kane season."

Gibbs closed out the interview by saying there would never be a world where he and the Griselda camp were not cool. It looks like things have changed.

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