What's your favorite Netflix series? I really have a hard time choosing. I remember a couple of years ago when they first started introducing exclusive series and movies on Netflix. I thought they were nuts and it would never work out. Now in just a few short months I'm strung out on Netflix original series like an alcoholic at a brewery. Their original movies aren't half bad either. Do you think that perhaps we have arrived at the cusp of a new era? Is regular broadcast TV soon to be a thing of the past? Between Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Go, it is a very rare occasion that I actually watch regular TV anymore. Although, if you're a reality TV junkie like a lot of people I know, chances are you still watch regular programming on a pretty regular basis. I think my favorite Netflix series currently is Daredevil. Please don't judge the Marvel inspired programming on Netflix like I did with Iron Fist. That was the first Marvel/Netflix series I gave a chance to and it almost ruined it for me. Iron Fist is waaaaaay too predictable and the fight scenes are horrible. Daredevil on the other hand, has a barrage of EPIC fight scenes. Go check it out.

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