Travis Scott and McDonald's have created a craze with their new Travis Scott meal collaboration and fans are doing anything to get their hands on this stuff. We mean anything.

On Saturday (Sept. 12), video surfaced of a young man stealing a poster promoting Travis' new meal deal right off the McDonald's restaurant window. In the clip, a person wearing a black coat and grey sweatpants walks up to a Mickey D's while someone films from afar. He steps up to the window containing the La Flame meal advertisement and begins to peel it off. After loosening the edge, he brazenly pulls the whole poster off in one motion and dips off into the night and drives off while the person filming has a good laugh.

Travis Scott and McDonald's officially launched their collaboration on Sept. 8, which includes a menu deal dedicated to the Texas rap star. The Travis Scott meal includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce; medium fries with BBQ sauce to dip and a Sprite. There is also tons of merch, including shirts, hats, hoodies, sweatpants, key chains and full-body McNugget pillow, which has been selling like hotcakes (pun intended). Custom Travis Scott McDonald's employee shirts are even being sold on the secondary market for hundreds of dollars. Travis was also mobbed by fans when he went to a McDonald's to promote the collab the day it was announced.

The whole thing has led to confusion for some unfamiliar McDonald's employees who are clueless as to who the rapper even is, unlike their ecstatic younger coworkers. Not everyone is fully onboard with Travis' new burger though. NLE Choppa recently urged his fans not to give in to the burger hype and eat healthy instead.

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