Faith Evans is trending on Twitter and it’s not for her music. Apparently, the R&B singer flashed the crowd during her performance on the Bad Boy Family Reunion concert in Boston on Saturday (Sept. 24).

In the grainy video above, Faith is performing her classic ballad "You Used to Love Me" and begins to lift up her white dress as she shimmies her body across the stage. For a brief second you could see that the singer is wearing some type of nude-toned underwear. Or maybe not?

Folks on Twitter are going bonkers over the clip. Some are claiming that Faith actually showed her “kitty cat” to the crowd. Others appear skeptical and are trying to look at the video with a magnifying glass to see if Faith really did show her vagina.

Either way, some people are praising the 43-year-old singer for her brave act of going panty-less, while others are shocked that the former Bad Boy artist would go onstage and flash her goods to the crowd.

"I won't knock Faith Evans for not wearing panties, but she should've been more careful with the dress. Lol," tweeted one fan. Another person wrote, "I've never seen Faith Evans as attractive but that box was smooth AF. Makes me think twice."

What do you think? Did Faith Evans really go commando or is everybody overreacting? Tell us in the comments below.