Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are such style stars that even their baby sister, "It" girl actress Elizabeth Olsen, copies them. The young actress, the Elizabeth in the Olsen Twins' contemporary Elizabeth and James fashion line, covers the Marie Claire Fresh Faces issue, along with several other stars. In her feature, she talks about how her sisters influence her and how she earned this whole indie cred thing. It was unintentional, BTW!

Despite being the namesake of a respected fashion brand -- the "James" is their brother -- Elizabeth insists she is not a muse or an inspiration for the pieces.

"God, no. I just try and see what they do and copy them like the rest of the world does," she joked about the twins. Who hasn't wanted to copy an Olsen twin ensemb every now and again? We're glad we're not alone.

If she is to be believed, fashion is not an Olsen family DNA trait! But Olsen usually looks amazing, like she does on her sideboob-showing cover, wearing a snazzy white blazer and rocking peaches-and-cream makeup.

Olsen insists her blood relations are not the reason for her success, either. In fact, being a sibling of famous twins pushes her to work harder.

"Everyone has their hurdle to get over, and if mine is that I have to [prove] I've earned my jobs, I'm OK with that," she admitted. "I'm in it for a ride, and I'm in it for the long run."

As for her status as an indie queen, that was a big accident, albeit a happy one.

"I didn't really have another option — those were the jobs I was getting," Olsen said. Her work in 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' was universally praised, and put her on the map.

She is smart enough to realize this critical darling-dom works in her favor. "I feel very lucky that the reviewers have been on my side, even when it comes to a project that isn't so great. I was seizing every opportunity. I'm not embarrassed by my work in them or anything— it's all learning," she said.

With her indie cred tucked securely in her back pocket and her name on the label of one of the hottest fashion brands, E. Olsen is on her way. She can next be seen in 'Godzilla,' which is a big budget flick, opening May 16.

The other Fresh Face cover girls are Lupita Nyong'o, Kate Mara, Elle Fanning and Emilia Clarke. Fresh, indeed.