Despite reports of Diddy and Cassie officially breaking up after their heated argument that resulted in the police getting involved, it appears that’s not the case.

An insider told E! News that the couple has decided to take a “break” from their relationship.

This after the rap mogul and the singer-model got into a heated argument while in a car in Beverly Hills, Calif., last week. Diddy was reportedly suspicious of Cassie cheating on him so he took her phone and disappeared.

Although the Bad Boy Records founder eventually returned her phone, Cassie already told her mom about the argument who then called the police on him. When the cops arrived, Cassie explained her phone was returned but a domestic incident report was filed anyway, but no arrests were made.

The source told E! News that "Cassie would never cheat on Diddy but "she just wishes things were better with them. It's always up and down."

Although Diddy and Cassie are taking a break from each other, it won't be a long hiatus because the 46-year-old music executive truly loves Cassie.

"He loves her so much so likely it won't be a long break," said the insider. "He always finds a way of coming back to her."

For Diddy, when it comes to love - he can't stop, won't stop.

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