I love Cinco De Mayo.

I love the fact that a portion of our society that is often beaten down and disparaged has a day to be proud of themselves. I also love the fact that many people get caught up in the fiesta and celebrate right beside them. It's a day when people really get to join together.

With that said, you don't get to celebrate like this:


That is, of course, the English band Genesis from the song "Illegal Alien.” The point is, it's not cool to dress up as a "cartoon Mexican.” I understand that when you were much younger, dressing up like this or like an "Indian" (Native American) was seen as normal, but as we got older, at least some of us got smart. I'm sure nobody would have a problem with you putting on a sombrero, but when you pair that with a big floppy mustache, it's a bit much. All that went out with the Frito Bandito.

I've seen at least one local business try to promote a Cinco de Mayo party with someone dressed in the manner described. It's time to recognize that this kind of thing is really not cool and should not be supported. It sure seems like it's a bit racist or at the least very cringey. I'm going to give that business a little bit of credit now because it looks like they may have already taken the picture/announcement down. This is all anybody is asking, for everybody to try to do a little better.

Have a great Cinco de Mayo, and remember to celebrate with pride and respect.

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