Are fans angry over the Colin Kaepernick situation willing to boycott the NFL to ride for the cause? Public Enemy front man, Chuck D thinks they need to be.

Kaepernick, who is still unsigned, is thought by many to be being blackballed by the NFL because of his silent sideline protest of police brutality last season. Chuck was recently spotted by TMZ, and asked his thoughts on the matter.

"To say that his skills have fallen off and atrophied just a short time [after playing in a Super Bowl] to be a third string or second string quarterback is ridiculous," Chuck noted.

The whole situation doesn't sit right with the legendary rapper. "Think about it. You have owners and you have players. The fact that someone owns you makes it a weird dynamic anyway. They have the choice and right to do whatever they want to do in their whole colluded field."

If people want change, Chuck thinks they will have to fight the power with their actions. "It's up to the fans to also protest," he added. "I think every protest has to be looked about as being warranted from consciousness. But, you know, look around, if you want to protest, don't go to the sports bars. Don't turn the game on. Leave your team for a year."

That will be a lot easier said than done for most viewers of the sport. Rappers continue to weigh in on the matter. J. Cole recently blasted the Baltimore Ravens for not signing Colin to deal.

Check out the entire Chuck D interview clip below.

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