Chris Brown found himself in trouble on Monday (May 16) after he and his entourage were kicked off a private jet for smoking weed. However, Breezy appears to be denying that the alleged incident occurred.

According to TMZ, Miami-Dade police were called to Signature Aviation at Miami International Airport after pilots complained of smelling a strong odor of marijuana coming from the cabin. The pilot allegedly told Brown and his crew not to smoke on the jet but they claim the singer and his crew ignored his warnings.

Apparently, the police also smelled it too and kicked all of them off the aircraft. No arrests were made.

However, Brown tells a different story. The “Loyal” singer went on his Instagram page to deny reports that he got kicked off the plane for smoking loud. The 27-year-old singer claims that the pilot might have been racially profiling him and his entourage. He also suggested that it could have been the pilot who was allegedly smoking the loud.

“You should probably check with the pilot ‘cause he definitely kept asking my homies for an 8-Ball and we definitely don’t sell drugs,” he said in the clip. “So I’m going to be rich, stay rich and [be] happy.”

We don’t know who to believe at this point. But if a pilot was allegedly asking us for an 8-ball we wouldn’t be flying on said plane, we are just saying.

In any case, we are glad that Brown was able to get to his destination safe and sound.

Reps for Signature Aviation had no comment on the matter.

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