Chance The Rapper made a guest appearance on the long-running television show Sesame Street on Saturday night (Jan. 5).

Chano made a cameo in a segment titled "T Is for Theater." In the skit, the Chicago MC participated in a play put together by Elmo, where he is to take on the role of a cookie-eating monster. The only problem is, Cookie Monster, who is given the role of Waiter No. 3, is not feeling the decision.

They rehearse a cookie-eating scene that the Coloring Book rapper just can't seem to get quite right, causing Cooking Monster to get upset. In the end, they decide Cookie Monster might be the right man for the job of the cooking-eating monster. Go figure.

Chance actually filmed the segment over a year ago. In December 2017, he posted a video of himself hanging out with Oscar The Grouch on Twitter.

Speaking of plays, Chano is working on a movie musical alongside his manager Pat Corcoran, MGM, Scott Bernstein and Nico Segal. The story line revolves around a group of Chicago youth that try to use art to affect change in their neighborhood.

Speaking with Deadline, Corcoran explained his excitement about bringing this project to life.

"From day one, our mission at Haight Films' has been to apply Haight Brand's artist-first and Chicago-proud ideology to the film space," Corcoran says. "We are incredibly excited to be working alongside Chance, MGM and Scott Bernstein to bring this vision to life."

Check out Chance The Rapper's appearance on Sesame Street below.

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