Celebrities including Ariana Grande, Cher and Kathy Griffin took to social media to express their feelings about the leaked Supreme Court document that threatens to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In the midst of the Met Gala last night (May 2), Politico published a leaked draft of a majority opinion penned by Justice Samuel Alito. Although the document is only a first draft, it appears that the court is prepared to overturn federally protected abortion rights and leave the matter up to individual states.

The Supreme Court later confirmed that the leak was legitimate in a statement, according to Insider. However, the statement makes it clear this is not the final draft or ruling. "Although the document described in yesterday's reports is authentic, it does not represent a decision by the Court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case," it states.

People took to social media to respond to the leak, including celebrities who spoke out against the court.

Grande shared several infographics about the topic on her Instagram story. One in particular pointed out that overturning Roe v. Wade would likely lead to people in need seeking out less safe abortions.

"People will seek abortions whether it's legal or not," the infographic reads. "What changes is how many of them will die from it.

"Republicans may have finally gotten their wish," Cher tweeted in all caps. "After 49 yrs GOP Supreme Court poised 2 strike down Roe v Wade. My mom said, 'When I as young,I heard, 'Keep em barefoot & pregnant,' a woman's place is in the home."

She proceeded to predict that the GOP will hold off on the move until after the 2022 midterm elections in order to avoid rocking the boat.

Kat Dennings commented on the timing of the release and slammed the decision. "They did it on Met Gala night thinking we would be too distracted by Sebastian Stan's pink suit to notice," she wrote of her Marvel co-star's appearance at the Met. "Well we noticed motherf---ers."

"Time to mobilize," Jonathan Van Ness tweeted. "Abortion is healthcare."

"#RoeVWade has been settled law, guaranteed by the Constitution for 50 years; the 14th Amendment to the document that is the foundation for our country's laws," Bette Midler wrote. "If they strike down this amendment, what is to stop them striking down others that conservatives don't agree with?"

Seth MacFarlane warned that America is approaching "Handmaids Tale status" and urged people to get out and vote: "One would hope today's news erases any further delusions that 'both parties are pretty much the same.'"

Ever Carradine, an actor from The Handmaid's Tale, seemingly agreed with the sentiment. "I'm already on this show," she tweeted. "I don't want to live it."

"Those motherf---ers really did it," George Takei tweeted. "First they came for Black voters, then they targeted LGBTQ+ families. Now, women of America, they're overruling Roe V. Wade. We have to unite and strike back. Take to the streets. Overwhelm them at the ballot box. They have gone too d--m far."

President Joe Biden shared a statement on the topic on Twitter. He wasn't the only politician to speak out, either.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also shared her thoughts. "As we've warned, SCOTUS isn't just coming for abortion — they're coming for the right to privacy Roe rests on, which includes gay marriage + civil rights," she wrote. Her message called out Democratic senator Joe Manchin for standing in the way of Congressional backing of Roe.

Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon called out Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the house. The actress shared a 2017 article, which alleges the representative was hesitant to focus on abortion rights for fear of alienating a block of voters.

Griffin also commented on the 2016 election in her statement. "Roe v Wade has been overturned," she tweeted. "Yes I know. Stay in my lane. Well I'd love to be posting about the met gala but this is the only attendee I care about. President Hillary Clinton never would've let Roe be overturned."

Others who spoke out include the likes of Hillary Clinton, Reese Witherspoon and Mia Farrow.

See these and more responses from celebrities below:

Ariana Grande via Instagram
Ariana Grande via Instagram

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