Bobby V took a major hit in his ongoing legal drama with transgender Reima Houston.

According to the gossip blogs, the singer’s claims of extortion have been tossed out by a judge during a hearing in Atlanta on Friday (Aug. 25). Houston posted her proof on her Facebook page, which you can view below.

Bobby V is still facing charges of assault, battery and stalking in the case, which stems from the viral video, which shows the singer fleeing Houston’s apartment without his shoes. The “Slow Down” singer has vehemently denied that he was ever with Houston and was trying to extort him because he was a celebrity.

Houston disagrees. In an interview with BET, Houston denies she’s a prostitute and claims she met Bobby V during a concert in Atlanta. After their meeting, she felt the singer was going to put her on in the music industry. But upon a later meeting in her apartment, Bobby tried to engage in sexual activity, to which Houston declined. That's when Houston pulled our her phone.

“I feel that Bobby’s intentions was to not embarrass himself to say he wanted to have sex with a transgender woman in front of a bunch of heterosexual women. So he waited until it was the appropriate time to come at me when it was one-on-one to get to the matter of what he wanted to do,” Houston told BET.

Reps for Bobby V had no comment on the matter.

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