Benny The Butcher is seemingly egging on his beef with Freddie Gibbs and the Gary, Ind. rapper is firing back.

On Tuesday night (Aug. 23), Benny The Butcher shared a video on his Instagram Story showing off his jewelry collection. "Just cleaning up my jewelry, today. Nothing exciting, just cleaning up my jewels," he says in the clip as the camera pans over an array of watches, chains and charms. One piece in particular appears to be one of Freddie Gibbs' micro ESGN pendents.

Benny The Butcher shows off Freddie Gibbs' chain on Instagram

Freddie Gibbs appeared to confirm the chain was his in a fiery response on his Instagram Story.

"Benny gay ass need to stop flexing because he was there and didn't throw a punch," Gibbs wrote, punctuating his sentence with a crying laughing emoji. "Hoe ass niggas did all that brought a camera man and all for promo. Still can't pack a room. Go head start rapping about me so I can start talking about these sealed plea agreements and shit ... Head up fade solve everything. But nigga aint built like that."

Freddie went on to bring up Benny being robbed of his jewelry and shot in Houston in 2020.

"Last time I checked ... U had to get a whole new set," Freddie added.

Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher's personal beef became public back in March when Benny said his working relationship with Freddie came and went, following rumors that they might be working on a joint project. Freddie reacted by telling the Buffalo, N.Y. rapper to keep his name out of Benny's mouth. Freddie continued to troll Benny until things came to a head in May when video surfaced of Freddie Gibbs being assaulted at a restaurant in Buffalo while he was in the city for a show. He later performed with a badly bruised face. Benny never took credit for the Freddie Gibbs pummeling.

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