The world of pop music is spilling over with celeb feuds, and — thanks to Bebe Rexha — we might be witness to the beginning of another.

On Monday night's (June 25) episode of Bravo's Watch What Happens Livethe pop star, who just released her debut album Expectations, was asked by show host Andy Cohen if she had a story of any particularly unfortunate celebrity encounter. Without naming names, she immediately dove in.

"There was a few, but one time I had somebody make me wait outside their dressing room for like 15 or 20 minutes — it was at a show — and finally I went into the dressing room and, like, she wouldn't talk to me," Rexha said. "She ignored me, so I like sat on my knee while she was getting her makeup done and I was, like, trying to start convo and she just wouldn't give me conversation. So I literally just walked out of her room and I was like 'Rude bitch!'"

Cohen jokingly responded "Why do you think Taylor Swift has an issue with you?"

But Rexha wouldn't take the bait.

"It's not her! Because I'm gonna have the hate on my Twitter," she said. "I'll get killed, trust me."

So, if it's not Swift — who do you think it is? Any guesses to who gave Bebe the cold shoulder? Sound off in the comments.

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