Beatking is facing criticism after video surfaced of his security pushing a man offstage who was twerking during the rapper-producer's performance at a recent festival.

Beatking performed at Summer Jam HTX on June 11 at the SoHo Festival Grounds in Houston. On Sunday (June 12), the Texas native shared video from his set on Instagram that shows someone twerking onstage in the background as Beatking performs. A few seconds later, a member of security rushes over and pushes the person, who goes tumbling backward.

"I’m sorry bruh but no dudes twerking on my stage ‍♂️," Beatking captioned the post.

The video did not sit well with some people, who called out Beatking for the incident on Twitter.

"Beatking’s homophobia stays hopping out yet the gay clubs love blasting his music. That man don’t like us stop playing his shit at our functions," one person tweeted.

"Although this is your set Beatking, as a fan this is so inappropriate especially when 50% of your fan base is gay men," someone else added. "You could have had security escort him off instead of physically pushing him off the stage. But you wanted @SaucySantana_ to feel safe in Houston?!"

"BeatKing Fat Fonky ass DEAD wrong for pushing that boy off stage like that I get it, if you so uncomfortable with him twerking in stage you could said something to him but to have security launch him off stage was a big harsh," another person posted.

In a statement released to The Shade Room on Monday (June 13), Beatking responded to the backlash. He explained the reason for the push was for safety and had nothing to do with homophobia.

"This guy hopped up on stage, they asked him to get down," Beatking explained. "He tried to ignore them. They asked him to get down again, he got down. They walked away. When they walked away he got back up there and started twerking. So then that’s when he got knocked the f…It’s a safety thing. Not a gay thing, not a straight thing, not a yellow, black, white, purple thing. It’s a safety thing. I ain’t got nothing against gay people. Love all my gay fans.”

Beatking made headlines prior to the show for telling Saucy Santana the "Material Girl" rapper needed to apologize for his recently surfaced tweets about Blue Ivy before performing in Houston.

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