Bandman Kevo recently changed his physical appearance through liposuction surgery and hints that other rappers are already doing it.

The Chicago rapper has recently been posting photos on Instagram showing off his newly acquired cut abs and svelte waistline. On Friday (June 3), Bandman Kevo began going viral after sharing that he'd undergone liposuction surgery to tighten up his troubled stomach area. In a series of photos shared on Instagram, Kev showed himself laying on a hospital bed bearing pre-surgery correction lines. In a video, he shared the details of the procedure. Footage of the procedure has surfaced as well.

"This how your shit supposed to look after you working out," Kevo said in a clip showing off his stomach on Instagram. "You gotta be working out hard as hell, though. You know what I'm saying, like, after the fact. I had them take fat from everywhere to form my shit. My lower back, my legs, everywhere. Everything was weird about my body because I weighed 284. This 220 right here, when my shit bussin' hard."

Bandman Kevo said he initially had trepidation but was calmed after learning other people are also going under the knife.

"What's so crazy is, at first I wasn't even with no lipo shit. I'm like, 'Man, I ain't doing that shit.'" Bandman Kevo admitted. "Then, all my rich homies they like, 'Man, everybody do that shit, they just be low-key with it.' I'm like, 'Yeah. On 4nem, I'm tired of going to the gym a million times and my stomach still big as hell.'"

In the caption, Kev also expounded on his operation. "I was working out hard and still couldn't lose my stomach so I went to @ insta_p_h_a_m," he captioned the post. "I was 284 now I’m 220 , but you have to still work out hard and most rappers [ain't] gone tell you the sauce. If your lady need her body done I might pay for yours and hers too "

In the comments, Bandman Kevo hinted that other rappers are also getting the procedure done and keeping it on the hush. After being lauded for telling the truth about his procedure, Kevo replied, "Yeah, these other rappers ain't gon say nothing."

Since getting out of prison in 2019, after serving nearly three years for bank fraud, Bandman Kevo has resumed his musical career. Earlier this year, he dropped his latest single, "Fresh Out the Gym."

See the video of Bandman Kevo's operation and hear him talking about his procedure below.

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