This award goes to the most fitness-friendly city in each state, one that demonstrates exceptional dedication to the health and fitness of its residents.

According to the CDC, physical activity improves mental health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Regular exercise also increases longevity and even improves productivity in the workforce. The presence and accessibility of public parks, nature reserves, and other green spaces in communities are indispensable for the health and wellbeing of their citizens.

Spring and warm weather are just around the corner, and with daylight hours steadily increasing, a growing number of us are eager to spend time outside. With this in mind, Insurify’s data scientists wanted to take the opportunity to recognize the cities and communities across America that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their residents’ fitness and wellbeing. Through the creation and maintenance of publicly-accessible recreation areas, parks, and other green spaces; and the work of residents in careers relating to healthy eating choices and fitness, communities across the country are working hard to elevate their own and others’ physical wellbeing.

To recognize the communities across our country that demonstrate exceptional dedication to the health and fitness of their residents, Insurify’s data scientists identified the fittest cities in each state, based on the criteria outlined below.

Selection Process

The data science team at Insurify, an insurance quotes comparison site, analyzed both proprietary and publicly-accessible data to determine the most fitness-friendly city in each state.

Referring to their database of over 2 million insurance applications, Insurify’s data scientists identified cities with the highest proportion of residents in careers that demand significant physical activity, or those that promote health and fitness (from park rangers, fitness club managers, and dieticians to dancers and choreographers).

Then, they compiled data from Niche on the cities with the highest ranking for outdoor activities, which were ranked based on several factors, including the rate of adults reporting leisure-time physical activity, and access to recreational goods rentals. Cities with the highest proportion of residents living within a 10-minute walk to a park were also identified, using data from the Trust for Public Land Index.

Gyms and other health centers were excluded from the study. While they are a valuable source of exercise for some, they can be unaffordable to lower-income citizens. Moreover, significantly less than half of those with a gym membership exercise regularly.

Winners of 2020's Fittest Cities Awards

These are the fifty most fitness-friendly cities in each state:

Alabama: Robertsdale

Alaska: Anchorage

Arizona: Tucson

Arkansas: Fort Smith

California: Petaluma

Colorado: Colorado Springs

Connecticut: Stamford

Delaware: New Castle

Florida: Jacksonville

Georgia: Savannah

Hawaii: Honolulu

Idaho: Coeur d’Alene

Illinois: Arlington Heights

Indiana: South Bend

Iowa: Davenport

Kansas: Wichita

Kentucky: Lexington

Louisiana: Lafayette

Maine: Bar Harbor

Maryland: Columbia

Massachusetts: Springfield

Michigan: Lansing

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Mississippi: Pascagoula

Missouri: St. Louis

Montana: Billings

Nebraska: Bellevue

Nevada: Henderson

New Hampshire: Amherst

New Jersey: Newark

New Mexico: Las Cruces

New York: Buffalo

North Carolina: Durham

North Dakota: Bismarck

Ohio: Columbus

Oklahoma: Norman

Oregon: Salem

Pennsylvania: Allentown

Rhode Island: Coventry

South Carolina: North Charleston

South Dakota: Custer

Tennessee: Nashville

Texas: Corpus Christi

Utah: Kaysville

Vermont: Williston

Virginia: Virginia Beach

Washington: Spokane

West Virginia: South Charleston

Wisconsin: Green Bay

Wyoming: Gillette

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