Here is a fun list of towns that you might pronounce wrong if you are new to Texas. Heck! Even some Texans still pronounce these towns wrong, a few of them are in our backyard. We have compiled a list of Texas town and the 'correct' pronunciation. When I put 'correct' in parentheses, I don't agree with some of them.

 Mexia, Texas is the one that gets on my nerves the most. It makes absolutely no sense! First of all, forget that the  exists, because you don't hear it in the pronunciation.   It is a Spanish word, however, its pronunciation is not proper Spanish either. I also don't agree with a couple on the list like Menchaca, Texas. The 'correct' pronunciation is MAN-SHACK. I still will contend that is the incorrect pronunciation and will still continue to pronounce it the way it is spelled.

In our backyard is it GA-NAY-DO or is it GA-NAH-DO? We also have one of the most common mispronounced cities located right in our backyard, Refugio, don't get me started on this one. Check out the gallery below.


While we are on the subject of Texas towns. Let's also take a look at some Texas towns with weird names as well!

Top Ten Weirdest Named Texas Towns

If that wasn't enough Texas for you. Here is a town that is located right up the road from Victoria. Cheapside, Texas is a ghost town that is now shrouded in mystery.

What Really Happened To The Tiny Ghost Town Of Cheapside

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