Somone recently took a swing at 6ix9ine in a Miami club, and it was caught on camera.

Last night (April 27), 6ix9ine showed up at Pilos Tacos Tequilla Garden in Miami. As he was leaving around 2 a.m., someone hit the Brooklyn rapper-federal informant with a sucker punch. In video of the incident obtained by TMZ, Tekashi and his security detail are seen filing out of the club. As the rapper passes one intrepid clubgoer, the guy takes a swing at 6ix9ine. The punch appears to connect with the back of 6ix9ine's head before Tekashi's security guard can react. After the punch is thrown, the scene becomes chaotic.

6ix9ine was at the club for a performance, which featured him reportedly performing one song from behind the DJ booth. After the punch, Tekashi tried to save face by signing autographs outside.

More recently, 6ix9ine has been active outside and on the internet. Besides calling out Fivio Foreign, the "Giné" rhymer has set his sights on Lil Durk. Tekashi's most recent antics are meeting up with Lil Durk look-alike Perkio and giving him a King Von jacket on camera. This led to a bunch of drama and back-and-forth as to whether or not Perkio was complicit in the stunt.

After 42 Dugg called out 6ix9ine for reportedly ambushing the replica Lil Durk, Tekashi fired back saying he wanted to fight Dugg in Miami and promised to "slap the shit outta" the CMG rapper. After trading some shots, Dugg backed down, citing 6ix9ine's past as a federal informant.

"Let me stop I’m tampering with Ah witness lol," Dugg captioned a series of photos of himself on Instagram.

Check out video of 6ix9ine getting sucker punched inside a Miami club below.

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