6ix9ine continues to take drastic measures in his pursuit of clout. Now, he's taunting Lil Durk about King Von's death with the use of a look-alike and a prop.

On Tuesday (April 26), 6ix9ine shared a video on his Instagram page where he is standing on a street corner with a group of men, one of whom looks exactly like Lil Durk. The look-alike goes by the nickname Perkio. In the clip, Tekashi pulls a jacket out of a bag and one of the rapper's associates puts it around the shoulders of faux Durk, who looks scared.

"We got bro the jacket," 6ix9ine commentates. The camera pans to reveal the jacket has an image of Durk's late cousin King Von on the back of it. The Durk look-alike continues to appear very uncomfortable throughout the clip.

"You good, just leave the jacket on," 6ix9ine tells him before asking if anyone else wants a jacket.

6ix9ine continued to taunt Durk in the IG caption of the video. "@lildurk I had a gift for the bro @kingvonfrmdao your niggas ain’t never gon slide but they definitely rep you all day on tshirts," he wrote.

The look-alike in the video is the same guy Lil Durk featured in his "Blocklist" video, who goes by the Instagram handle @darealperkioo. Perkio has since come out to say he was not complicit in the stunt. In a video on Instagram Live released a short time after 6ix9ine posted his own clip, Perkio denounced what occurred, saying he got tricked into being in the same location as 6ix9ine by another YouTuber who claimed they wanted to collab. Perkio, who says he is friends with Durk, claims he was rushed by Tekashi's boys at the supposed meet-up with the YouTuber and that's when the short video was taken.

Since crawling out of his shell and announcing new music earlier this month, Tekashi has decided to rehash his beef with Lil Durk and call out Fivio Foreign. 6ix9ine appears to take shots at Durk on the new single "Giné." The video for the song contains a 1-second still that reads, "Slide 4 Von," a call for Durk to retaliate for the death of King Von, who was shot and killed in Atlanta on Nov. 6, 2020.

Lil Durk has yet to respond publicly to 6ix9ine's recent Instagram post with Perkio.

See 6ix9ine's post below.

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