Seven days after asking a judge to let him serve the remainder of his 24-month prison sentence at home, 6ix9ine has received his answer and it's not favorable.

According to a court order XXL obtained on Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 21), Southern New York District Judge Paul A. Engelmayer denied Tekashi's request today—the initial request was written by the rapper's lawyer. In the doc, Engelmayer says that Tekashi's current sentence, which the rapper received after pleading guilty to multiple federal racketeering and firearms offenses last January, reflects the seriousness of his crimes. In Engelmayer's mind, the home sentence, which 6ix9ine asked for because of safety reasons, would not.

"The Court denies this motion," reads part of the doc about a request from 6ix9ine, who was sentenced to two years of prison and five years of supervised release last month.

It continues: "As the Court’s extended discussion at the December 18, 2019, sentencing proceeding reflects, the Court’s determination was, and is, that a 24-month prison sentence is necessary in this case. A shorter sentence would disserve the assembled 18 U.S.C. § 3553(a) factors, including that Mr. Hernandez’s sentence reflect the seriousness of his crimes. A modification of Mr. Hernandez’s sentence along the lines that he proposes, which would eliminate the remaining prison component of his sentence in favor of lesser forms of confinement, would similarly be insufficient to respect the § 3553(a) factors."

As originally reported last week, 6ix9ine's lawyer argued that the rapper's life was in imminent danger while behind bars. Lance Lazzaro, who operates as one of Tekashi's attorneys on the case, said that it was the rapper's decision to cooperate against his one-time Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods associates, that put his life in danger. Lazzaro also requested the option for 6ix9ine to serve the remainder of his sentence—approximately 10 months at press time—in a community correctional facility. The judge also denied that part of the request, saying that the court took the danger 6ix9ine faces behind bars into consideration when assigning his sentence.

As it stands, Tekashi, who was arrested on federal charges in November 2018, will have served two years by the time his two-year sentence is up. However, speaking to Hollywood Life last month, Lazzaro noted that Tekashi could be home by July with good behavior because prisons require inmates to serve 85 percent of their time.

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