21 Savage and Drake's Her Loss album is all over the internet. With it have come memes regarding the single, "Rich Flex," which portray Drizzy as effeminate. 21 Savage recently reacted to trend.

On Thursday (Nov. 10), popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat debuted his full Twitch session with 21 Savage. During the lengthy sit-down, 21 was asked about the viral videos of Drake going around. At first, the Atlanta rapper appeared clueless as to what Cenat was talking about. After seeing a clip, he realized the memes had come across his timeline.

"Oh, I did see that," 21 Savage said at the 20:50-mark of the session. "That's a trend, though? They tripping, they got Drake fucked up. Drake gon' slap the fuck out them."

After being shown a few of the clips, 21 Savage just shook his head.

"They tripping," he added.

The particular meme trend centers around Drake's line, "21 can you do something for me?" which many people have clowned him for.

"Drake is never living down the 21 rich flex line I'm cryin," on Twitter user captioned a meme of Drake sashaying into a wrestling ring.

"'Rich Flex' is such a good song. Sadly, the internet has ruined it for me. Whenever I hear that Drake intro, all I can see is Aubrey with pom poms lusting over 21 like a groupie. I need that image out of my mind family," another person tweeted.

Drake and 21 Savage's Her Loss album has several moments that had people talking, which included Drake shading Kanye West, calling out  Serena Williams' husband, throwing shots at DRAM and appearing to diss Megan Thee Stallion.

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