Having recently released his latest album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz is already back in the studio and is working with a hip-hop legend.

Appearing on Hot 97, 2 Chainz revealed he has been working with Q-Tip on his follow up album, which he describes as a “conceptual,” “well-thought out” project.” T

“I told [Q-Tip], imagine a trappin’ ass Midnight Marauders," he said, adding that Tip will serve as “more of a curator” for the upcoming project.

While the two may have different styles, 2 Chainz said he was still able to impress the Tribe Called Quest legend.

“He was over there chopping, and I’m like, ‘listen, load up a beat, bruh!” He was like, ‘bruh, these are real bars.’ I was like, ‘yeah, I know!”


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