Medication Take Back Boxes Available In Odessa
What happens when you have unused, old or expired medications? Are you like me where they just take up space in your cabinet until you finally get tired of looking at them and throw them away? Well I have a solution for people like us...medication take back boxes.
I Totes Look Like The Old Man From Up
The other day I proudly announced that I have my first grey hair. Today I noticed that I kinda look like a young version of the old man from the movie Up.
1. I LOVE that movie
2. I can't wait to get old as all hell
Think about all the cool stuff you get to do when you're old...
My Worst Best Memory
I had a little flashback the other day while at a red light. Sitting waiting for the light to turn green, I look to my left and see this little beauty. lol I'm being serious. This car brings back some awesome memories for me and I hadn't seen one in years! From elementary through jr high, …