settle a dispute between my coworker and i
Please help me settle a dispute between my coworker and I about the parking spaces here at the B93 studios! I told him I was going to call him out, JEFF in my blog! You see, he is convinced that there is room for THREE vehicles to park here. (pictured)
We Need This To Be A Thing Everywhere!
I don't know about you but I definitely think that in this day and age THIS should be a thing everywhere! I was chillin at the Dallas airport recently and while we were waiting for our flight, I was charging my phone. Why oh why do we not have phone chargers everywhere we go?
Momma’s The Struggle Is Real….
Ok the struggle is real in this area when it comes to dressing our little ones. In this case it's my 11 year old son. With the crazy warm one minute, literally freezing the next weather we have, it's hard to advise him how to dress for the temps! Not to mention, he wants to follow the &apo…
what i found that is perfect for v-day!
We are less than a month away from lovers day! Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Time to start stressing about what to get that special someone in your life because Christmas wasn't enough. lol Well if the holidays broke the bank, I found something you simply cannot go wrong with…
which show do you watch with bae?
I read an article the other day that the couple that watches shows together, stays together...awwww how sweet! For real though, it is supposed to bring couples closer as it gives them something to talk about and bond over. So I got to thinking, what do bae and I watch together? Lots of shows actuall…
Here Is Rebecca's Nail Tip Of The Day
Alright ladies, I'm all about trying to help out my fellow divas! I'm like most women who like to pamper themselves with a regular mani/pedi and am known for trying out different designs and color combo's so I was excited about my 'New Year's' nail design!

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