What's going on?

Love This Sign!
OMG I love when i walk into restaurants and see stuff like this! lol The sign in a place I went to eat recently. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't take me a minute but then i realized duh, the restrooms are that way! lol
3 Day Bachelorette Party - Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question
Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Is a 3 DAY Bachelorette Party too much? My girl has planned a 3 day event and it's not even a trip out of town! I think it's EXTRA...and too excessive. I'm in the wedding party and DON'T want to do all 3 days...
My Favorite Mother's Day Gift
I sincerely hope all the momma's in the 4-3-2 had a fabulous Mother's Day! I had a nice, relaxing weekend with my babies plus a nice meal and great company on Sunday.  Then I received this from my children. A beautiful card to remind me that I must be doing something right....
Hey Check Out This Price!
I've seen this a couple of times now and wonder why it still has not been changed? Really? Is that the price of the car? Of course not, it's the price of whatever is beneath the sign but wow! I'm surprised that the .94 cent sign was hung there. lol
A to Z Vet Clinic Exotic Animal Open House This Saturday
Check out this awesome event going on this weekend! Peeps & Creeps will be having their annual open house tomorrow, the 12th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at A to Z Veterinary Clinic. Bring the family out to check out some amazing exotic animals like monkeys, camels, lemurs and the list goes on...
Going Down This Saturday! Beer Garden Brewstival
Beer Garden Brewstival is going down in the 4-3-2 THIS weekend! Midland Beer Gardens Jorge Hernandez is on the hunt to gather all the best beer he can find. He stopped by the morning show to tell us all about it this morning! In conjunction with Security Bank Ballpark, the Beer Garden Brewstival is …
Fashion Show This Saturday Just In Time For Mother’s Day
The Pink Pug Boutique in Midland is having a fabulous event this weekend, just in time for Mother's Day! It's a fashion show, 'Runway in the Gardens' Saturday May 12th from 3-6:30 p.m. at Alldredge Gardens Cafe. Tickets are only $25.
Any Remedies You Can Suggest To Get Rid Of My Cough?
You may have noticed this morning that I have an annoying cough right now. Like most people I'm sure. I say it's annoying because there is literally nothing else wrong but that. lol So, Leo was nice enough to make me some tea. Tea, lemon, honey and a tad bit of sugar, just like momma used …
It was a weekend of firsts for me in the Metroplex. First donuts, then corn. Apparently I ate...ALOT! lol My dear Mr. Iglesias introduced me to an amazing little corn stand. Corn all day baby! Look how yummy this cup looks! The ingredients?
I Finally Tried This And Loved It!
Yes I have been hiding under a rock because until this past weekend, I had NEVER tried Dunkin' Donuts. Since we don't have one in Midland/ Odessa, I didn't feel I was missing out. Boy was I wrong! Check out these donut holes. Are you kidding me? They're called 'munchkins,&ap…