Jessica Simpson appeared on Katie Couric's new talk show this week discussing her issues with weight loss after baby. Her daughter Maxwell is 4 months old. With Jessica being the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers, the pressure is on for her to drop  that weight...stat! How much weight does she have to lose exactly to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape?

Jessica allegedly gained a whopping 70 lbs during her pregnancy. While appearing on Katie's show she claims she's already lost 40, you do the math. My question is, is it fair to come down so hard on celebs about their weight gain, after having a baby, just because they're famous? Or is it their obligation to lose the weight, seeing as how it is partly their job to "look good" no matter what? Some people would say, they're rich, they have chefs, they have personal trainers. I say but they're also human. Unless you're like most of my childhood friends and you were blessed with the genetics to have 2 or 3 children and look exactly like you did in highschool afterward, you have to be realistic. Not all of us have the ability to drop the weight quickly. I actually think that four months after having her baby girl, Jessica actually looks good. Is it bad that deep down inside I'm actually a little bit happy that she didn't go back to perfection like she was before? Welcome to the real world Ms.Jessica, no doubt you will bounce back in no time and look better than before!