Are you a hoarder of Whataburger ketchup packets?  Stuffing your pockets with those little white and red containers of sweet tomato bliss, well now you can buy bottles full of Texas' favorite ketchup.  

Starting this summer H.E.B. stores are teaming up with Whataburger, their fellow San Antonio based company, to offer their famous ketchup in 20-ounce bottles.

Not only is their regular ketchup gonna be sold at the grocery chain, but they will also offer their Spicy Ketchup in 20-ounce bottles as well as their mustard in 16-ounce bottles.

H.E.B. Group Vice President of Grocery Procurement Reade Ahrens called the partenership "a natural fit."  He continued in a statement, "Both H.E.B. and Whataburger are Texas institutions that have been serving customers for decades."

According to, H.E.B. is also introducing "Whatafries," a potato chip version of the fries served at Whataburger to go along with the ketchup line.