Shut up! Ladies, our prayers have been answered...have you heard about the 'latest thing?'

Apparently, Wrangler jeans company has created a pair of jeans that are designed to 'moisturize your legs.' For real, I can't make this stuff up! They come from the new Denim Spa jeans line and come in three finishes Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs. So these jeans are intended to moisturize AND wait for prevent cellulite. Hot damn, sign me up for a pair for everyday of the week! lol

My question is how long do they last, when do the ingredients wear off? They are actually supposed to stay in tact for 95 washes and at that point all you do is buy the 'reload spray,' to add the moisture back in. So what do you think? Are you sold? Will you buy a pair and do you actually believe the jeans will do what they are intended to?