The Most Haunted Place In Texas
Are you a thrillseeker? I was curious however and looked up 'the most haunted place in Texas.' Who knew that it's a simple 4 hour drive away in Mineral Wells?
Tax-Free Weekend Is This Coming Weekend!
For some reason there was some confusion over the weekend as to when Tax-Free Weekend is here in Texas? Some thought last weekend but it is in fact this coming weekend, the 11th-13th, according to the Texas Comptroller's Office.
Odessa Ranks One of the Stinkiest Towns in Texas? New Report Claims Yes
A story out of San Antonio is claiming that Odessa is one of the stinkiest towns in Texas.
MySanAntonio says that Odessa has its stinky reputation because of the oil production activities and an oilfield waste landfill. The article goes on to say that San Antonio is lucky to not have any of the proce…
Tax Free Weekend Happens Soon
Who's ready to shop? I'm always looking for any excuse to do so, so I will pass along the info. (insert thumbs up emoji) The dates for Tax Free Weekend have been set. The first weekend of August, the 5th-7th. I'm sure you have seen all the school supplies, back packs, school uniforms …

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