Favorite Back in the Day Candy?
Personally, I have no earthly clue what this is, but my girl went absolutely nuts when she saw these. I was a Zero bar and Whatchamacallit kind of kid as far as chocolate goes. What were those things called that had the candy dipstick and the 4 packets of powder...
The Easter Candy Is Out
Move over Peeps and Cadbury Eggs because there's a new Easter candy in town! I was the convenience store the other day and spotted these Snickers eggs. Heck to the yeah! Love them already. Why? Because I get 2 that's why. lol What's better than 1 Snickers? Double baby!
I Found The Snickers That Best Describe Me
Can I say I love the Snickers with these new, different words on them? I found 2 Snickers right next to each other at the store yesterday that perfectly describe me. I've always said and people that know me well would agree that these are two of the best ways to describe me. lol