Old School

Favorite Back in the Day Candy?
Personally, I have no earthly clue what this is, but my girl went absolutely nuts when she saw these. I was a Zero bar and Whatchamacallit kind of kid as far as chocolate goes. What were those things called that had the candy dipstick and the 4 packets of powder...
Netflix Addict Seeking Shows
Sooooo I need ideas for things to watch on Netflix. . .or Hulu. . .or Amazon Prime. Ok I may or may not have a problem. There's just something about having that many shows at your finger tips all at one time that just gets me. My brother and I definitely watched waaaaay too much TV growing up a…
Who’s Your Fav Back In the Day Artist?
Back in the Day Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week. The late 90's and early 2000's were my high school years, so these are the golden years of not only hip hop and R&B, but any genre of music.
I like it all from Dre to my inner basic white girl's favorite, Ace of …
Favorite Games From Your Childhood
One of my favorite childhood games. I had a Simon game that my mom bought me at a garage sale. Loved that thing! Unfortunately most of our children will never get to know the fun of playing games like this anymore.
What’s Your Favorite 90’s Song?
The 90's were unlike any generation before it. Most people stuck to one genre of music before the introduction of the internet to the masses via AOL in the early 90's. Sure it took us 45 minutes to connect, then another hour to download a song, but we didn't mind because our generatio…
#80’s Problems
In honor of Back in the Day Friday and The Ultimate 80's Bash going down at Hacienda tomorrow I tried to notify all my pals about the festivities via this old school cell phone but alas the 80's struggle was real.
Me being in my early 30's remembers some of the struggles of the late 80…
Old School School Supplies Our Kids Don’t Use Anymore
School starts for most on Monday and having been shopping for school supplies this week, I'm sad to say that our kids don't need or use several things that we used back in the day. The one thing that stands out for me? The Trapper Keeper! I used to love to carry my little notebook around.

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