new flavor

Check Out Our New ‘Sweet Heat’ Addiction
Shout out to the coworker who introduced us to our new addiction! OMG. Have you seen these in stores yet? New 'sweet heat' Skittles are awesome and they are what they say they are, sweet, like regular Skittles, with a little heat (kick, bite) in the end.
And The Winning M&M Flavor Is…..
Lay's Potato Chips does it and apparently M&M's followed suit. In honor of their 75th anniversary this year, M&M's kicked off 2016 with something really cool. They enlisted the help of M&M's lovers all over the globe and called it the 'Flavor Vote.&ap…
New Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavor
Camo, camo everywhere, face it, it's the trend. So the folks at Blue Bell decided to go with the trend and create camo ice cream! Where are my camo lovers at because I know you are going to love it! Our friends at Blue Bell delivered their newest flavor, Camo n Cream ice cream to the B stu…