Christmas in….August?
Since many of us have been back-to-school shopping recently, surely you have noticed the shelves stocked up for fall, Halloween and even CHRISTMAS in some stores! I haven't even recovered yet from school supplies and backpacks and you want me to worry about Santa? lol
I Got It Right With This Gift!
Isn't it a great feeling when you knock it out of the park with a gift? Especially when that gift was given to a child because let's be real, kids are really only interested in the colorful bag and tissue paper you used to wrap the gift! lol
Who Is Hard To Buy For In Your Family?
We are exactly 12 days away from Christmas and I'm sure we are out shopping, finishing our lists and checking them twice. It doesn't matter if you have 2 or 22 people to buy gifts for, there is always that ONE person that is hard to buy for. Am I right?
Ideas For Father’s Day
So back in May I helped my ladies out and gave suggestions to the fellas as to what momma's were wanting for Mother's Day. Now, since Father's Day is 11 days away, it's your turn guys. The only problem is, I don't have a clue what daddy's want these days...a clip-on man…
What Homemade Gifts Have You Received for Christmas?
Homemade Christmas gifts. How do you feel about them? We have all received them at some point and I actually don't mind them because I know they are always from the heart. Some of the best homemade gifts were made for me by my (late) grandmother, I remember getting crocheted pot holders, dish t…
My Christmas Wish List
While doing some Christmas shopping over the weekend, I realized there are some pretty simple things that I need to throw on my Christmas wish list this year. I don't know if the older I get, my list gets shorter and more practical or what but I found that I would be quite happy with some prett…
My Ideal Mother’s Day In The 4-3-2!
Mother's Day is this Sunday and even though it seems to have snuck up on everyone, I know what I want. Fancy gifts are not necessary for me but there are a couple of must haves on my list if my family expects me to keep my sanity! lol I'm down all day with Johnny Carino's to enjoy my …
When Do You Start Christmas Shopping?
A new survey found that not only have some people not done any Christmas shopping yet, 30% won't even worry about it until next week. Nothing like waiting until literally the week of Christmas to get it all done.
Father’s Day Is A Week From This Sunday
Father's Day is one week from this Sunday, just in case you didn't realize it snuck up on us! So that means now is the time to start shopping for dear ol' dad. That said part is, according to a recent survey, fewer people buy Father's Day gifts than Mother's Day and eve…

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