Which Show Do You Watch With Bae?
I read an article the other day that the couple that watches shows together, stays together...awwww how sweet! For real though, it is supposed to bring couples closer as it gives them something to talk about and bond over. So I got to thinking, what do bae and I watch together? Lots of shows actuall…
What Is Your Favorite Comfort Food?
Today it's all about comfort food! Am I right? The weather gets cold and we love to warm up with soups of any kind. In fact, that sounds fabulous right now! Why is it that we hibernate and turn to food? lol
My Day Was Made When I Saw This
You see that middle option there? The Big Red? Oh yeah that's my jam! I don't find it at any restaurant often, but when I do....IT.IS.OVER! Anyone else a Big Red fan?
I Love Our Calendar At Work!
Ok so I never really pay attention to things like this but these last few months, this adorable calendar has really caught my eye. lol It is something most of us have in our workplace right? A desk or hanging calendar. These little monkey's just make my day when I look over to check the date.
The Watermelon Debate: Salt Or No Salt?
My favorite fruit hands down without a doubt is watermelon. All day! My obsession with it is so bad that I can polish off one by myself, no matter what size, in a couple of days. lol Even my kids are like wow mom, you love the heck out of that stuff don't you?
Best Snow Cones And Favorite Flavor In The 4-3-2?
I quite possibly had the tallest snowcone ever yesterday. Seriously, it was super tall and super good! If you are ever in my hometown of Andrews, you must try the cherry-pickle snow at The Sugar Shack. Half pickle, half cherry=heaven, it's my new fave! Meanwhile, we have plenty of fabulous snow…
I’m In Love! My Fave Performance From The Voice Lastnight (VIDEO)
I haven't kept up with The Voice much this season unfortunately but when I was making dinner lastnight and heard this performance coming from my living room television, I dropped everything and listened. Bryan Bautista is in the top 10 and I've decided after lastnight's performance, h…
National Popcorn Day-How Do You Like Yours?
It's National Popcorn Day! I for one and more than happy to celebrate a day like this. I love, love, love popcorn so much so that every now and then I go to the movie theater just to pick up a bucket.
What Is The Best Part About Thanksgiving?
In a recent poll when people were asked what the best thing about Thanksgiving is? Some of the answers were surprising. This may sound cliche but for me hands down it is 'spending time with family.' It is very rare that we have siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and uncles under one roof so…

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